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We know in our clubs and resorts that we have faced the reduction in demand by trimming expenses as far as we can and still produce great products and service.  To stabilize and grow our profitability (which every business has to have), we must focus on membership net growth, value-added memberships and use of available space for fundraising golf tournaments maximizing the limits of our restrictions.  These are the key areas that will produce the most contribution to profit and capital funding and keep the dues low for our members.


Below are actions you can take at your club to improve performance and profitability.  Club Advisors will work with you to implement these services for short and long-term performance of revenue-producing departments.




General Manager - Club Advisors has a group of distinguished General Managers/COOs for interim placement (Includes Services)

Golf Professionals, F&B Directors, Membership Sales, Agronomy, Financial Management, Tennis, Fitness - Club Advisors has interim placement




New Member Orientation Programs - Enhance the new members' orientation program with the "Wow" factor in mind.

Membership Focus Groups - Appoint Members from "Clubs Within The Club" to Focus Groups to sound out expectations

Reciprocity Opportunities and Value Added Benefits - Explore reciprocity with other clubs in the area for activities & socialization

Membership Inventories - Do a detailed review of each and every member to ensure membership count is correct

Member Surveys - Create and send out membership surveys on "hot topics" within the membership

Membership Resignations - It is 10 times harder and more expensive to enroll a new member than to keep the existing member




Fundraising Golf Tournaments - Make sure you have at least 26 fundraising golf tournaments a year to support the community

Rental Space - Ensure club is capitalizing on all available space for member and community events




Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube - Use all of these media devices to communicate and promote the club

Monetize Social Media - Actively show the activities and value of being a member of the club - it will result in additional spending

Internet Analytics & Measurement - Data is factual - use the tools available to determine what works and what does not work.




Use quantitative and qualitative reporting devices to take the subjectivity out of measuring golf course conditions

Focus on a facilities beautification and landscaping plan that will be documented and inspected




New Board Member Orientations - Board and staff convey to the new board member the parameters of governance and operations

General Maintenance Tracking - Create a process of recording and reporting general maintenance actions to Board and members

Capital Improvement/Capital Repair Plans - Create, monitor and update capital spending budgets and execution to Board and members.

Fixed Asset Reconciliation - Complete a 100% physical inventory of all existing assets represented on the balance sheet.


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