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Interim Management  It can sometimes take up to four months to recruit a replacement general manager. Catastrophic events, illness, long necessary absences from the club from the general manager or department manager can be very damaging to the operations.  Club Advisors, in concert with the owners and operators, can provide a seasoned general manager for daily advice and decision making to sustain and enhance the operations to a very high level until a selection has been made for the leadership moving forward. Departmental interim management also available.  (30-120 Days)

(Includes desired selected services offered by Club Advisors)


Marketing – Review of all aspects of revenue generation marketing to include membership committee, member referrals, member incentive programs, co-worker incentive programs, community newspaper advertising, press releases, community magazines, media, members’ electronic newsletter, member email broadcasting, non-member email broadcasting, contact and lead production to include prospect funnel and conversion ratios. (2 Days)


Internet Analytics & Measurements – Return on Investment Marketing (ROIM) – Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and other analytical measurements such as Google Analytics, determine the best use of content on the internet and social media to match viewers and members demand for information.  Using available tools, determine exactly where demand for information from potential members and existing members is derived. (2 Days)


Tournaments & Banquets Review - Working with the general manager, banquet director and director of golf, review additional revenue sources over the past three years, marketing devices used in increasing revenues year over year, any customer relationship management (CRM) systems that may be available to enhance the conversion ratio of leads in these revenue centers. (2 Days)


Mystery Shop - Club Advisors will complete telephone and usage shops of key departments of the club operations, recording detailed specifics of performance-based upon guidance from the client. The shop will be completed in conjunction with and prior to other assigned projects at the Club.  The completed report will include details of measure to the expected standard.  (2 Days)


Food & Beverage Overview – Front of the House (FOH)  Working with the F&B Director and Services Director, review the staffing and schedules of FOH co-workers to create optimum scheduling based on demand.  Review reservations system, hostess seating, bar and services operations to determine member satisfaction on the delivery of products and service.  Review required and enhanced training for FOH co-workers to ensure standards of service meet and exceed member expectations. (1 Day)


Food & Beverage Overview – Back of the House (BOH) – Working with the F&B Director, Executive Chef, and Controller, review to ensure the purchasing, inventory, portion control, pricing and food handling standards are being met.  Working with maintenance and the Executive Chef, ensure that all refrigeration and equipment is operating properly and with OSHA standards.  Working with the kitchen production team, ensuring all menu items are prepared by a recipe, served in desired portions and garnished the same way.  (2 Days)


Membership Inventory - Working with the General Manager, Membership Director, and Controller, Club Advisors will complete a review of the membership counts by each category of membership.  The information contained in member jacket is compared against automated membership information and records and reports for billing and accountability purposes. (3 Days)


Monetizing Social Media – Club Advisors will review all Social Media Marketing to include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and others.  Club Advisors will work with marketing and media co-workers or outside sources to establishment and train on the use of these social media tools for better membership satisfaction, awareness and membership recruitment. (1 Day)


Membership Focus Groups – Focus Group meetings with “clubs within the club” will be scheduled to discuss the programming and budgeting for the “wants, needs, desires and expectations” of the existing members and what is needed to grow the club based upon today’s demands. These groups should include associations from golf, tennis, swim, clubhouse, social, and “at large” members. (3 Days)


Reciprocity Opportunities & Member Value Added Benefits – Review with the Membership Director the potential opportunities for reciprocal benefits for the members locally, nationally or internationally.  Look at Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) and create added value to existing members that will enhance the value of their membership at that club and be attractive to potential members. (2 Days)


Competitive Market Analysis – Review of competition in the local market for full-time members and domestic market (USA) for non-resident members.  An analysis will include demographics of the Statistical Metropolitan Area (SMA), Strength-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) by department and club overall, research on benefits and privileges of membership between competitive market, the rating of quality and quantities of facilities, products and services to include pricing within the competitive market. (5 Days)


Member Survey -  Club Advisors, working with the Board, General Manager and department leaders, will complete a member survey to determine the “wants, needs, desires, and expectations” of all members by category of membership or club overall as requested by the club with results available immediately to members participating in the survey.  Members will have 7 days to complete the survey and tabulated results will be provided the members.  (2 Days)


New Member Orientations – Making the newly enrolled member feel comfortable, informed and accepted during the first 30-60 days is critical.  Club Advisors will work with the Board, Membership Committee, General Manager, Membership Director and department leaders to create a closed-loop system of orientations that fulfill this essential ingredient for a happy and satisfied new member. (1 Day).


New Board Member Orientation – Board members rotate on and off the Board on an annual basis in most cases.  Club Advisors will work with the Board President, General Manager, and department leaders to create a system of orientation for new board members that will enhance the new board member’s ability to serve with the best information possible to vote on key decisions. (1 Day)


General & Preventative Maintenance Recording and Tracking – Club Advisors will work with management to create a tracking device unique to their club facilities that will describe the maintenance action necessary, resources necessary to complete the action, prioritization of action based upon available resources, who will complete the action and suggested timeframe for completion of this maintenance. This will be a perpetual reporting document used by maintenance and management to maintain the grounds, facilities, and structures in a high state of repair and maintenance. (1 Day)


Golf Course Playability & Condition Reviews - Club Advisors, working with the General Manager, Superintendent, Golf Course Committee Chairperson, and any other designees, will create a scorecard for golf conditions based upon expected condition standards and resource allocation to support that standard. The scorecard will be completed monthly by the General Manager (or other designee) and the Golf Course Superintendent. (1 Day)


Fixed Asset Reconciliation - Club Advisors, working with the Controller and department leaders, will complete a 100% physical review of all club assets based upon existing records.  Every asset will be checked for nomenclature, serial numbers, quantities, life expectancy and expected value.  Every asset will be photographed and labeled coinciding with inventory number.  Items will be evaluated condition, repair or replacement in preparation of the Capital Plan.  (5 Days)


Capital Investment/Repair Plans – Club Advisors, working with the General Manager, Controller, and department leaders, Club Advisors will create for ownership a suggested 3-Year capital plan, prioritized based upon physical inspection of equipment, facilities or structures. (1 Day)

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