Club Advisors Interim Controller

Remote or On-Site


Financial Reporting

  • Review Club Financial Operations Reports – Advice on Shortfalls and Variances
  • Assists with Budget Management and Chart of Accounts Structure
  • Assists with Capital Expenditures, Leases, Short - Long Term Contracts
  • Assists with Cash Flow and Other Short and Long-Term Forecasts
  • Assists with Fixed Asset Ledgers and Recording of Depreciation
  • Review of Internal Controls
  • Assists with All Inventories (F&B – Merchandise – Fixed Assets)
  • Assists Management with Completion of IRS Form 990 – 501(c)7 Clubs
  • Assists with Accounts Payable and Bill Payment.
  • Assists with Reduction of Accounts Receivables (Members – Banquets – Tournaments)
  • Assists with Reconciliation of Bank Statements and Balance Sheet Accounts.
  • Assists with Insurance Limits and Financing Agreements
  • Review Subscriptions, Vendor Agreements, and Risk Management
  • Assists with Information Technology, Passwords and Physical Asset Management


  • Assists with Board Records, Member Agreements, By-Laws, Charters
  • Assists with the Member Reconciliation and Monthly Audit
  • Assists with Timely and Accurate Member Billing and Collection Procedures


  • Assists with Employee Benefits and Employee Handbook
  • Assists with the Timely Preparation and Payment of Bonuses, Payrolls, and Tips
  • Assists with Information Technology, Passwords Security and Physical Asset Management


  • Assists Management with Financial Presentations to Board, Committees, Members, Bank Officials
  • Assists Management in Obtaining Favorable Banking and Interest Fees
  • Assists Management in Obtaining Favorable Insurance Premium Rates and Plans
  • Assists Management with Long Term Agreements (HOA-Municipalities)
  • Assists Management with Licenses and Permits
  • Assists General Manager and Department Leaders with Financial Operations
  • Assists Management with Local, State, and Federal Taxes Where Appropriate
  • Assists with the Transition of Controller Incumbent



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