Private Club Interim Controller - Senior Accountant Services

Value Proposition


Too often excellent club operations are significantly hampered by the scheduled or unscheduled loss of a key person. The Senior Accountant and Controller of a club definitely fit this situation. Club finances are unique to the club industry and sometimes the learning curve for new people coming into a club without prior club experience is unsettling, long, and arduous.  It is imperative that the General Manager fills this critical position quickly to ensure the smooth financial management of the Club.


Club Advisors Interim Controllers provide a smooth transition maintaining the efficiency and production of the accounting department until the GM can find the right replacement. They can do it remotely, or if needed, on-site. The GM will have full control over the financial management functions of the club with the expertise of a Club Advisors Interim Controller to provide and comply with the best in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.


Club Advisors Interim Controllers have decades of experience as Senior Accountants and Controllers in private club accounting and have performed at some of the finest clubs in America. They can hook up remotely with a system of actions to ensure a smooth operation.

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