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News About the Advisors Assisting Boards,

Owners, Staffs, and Members Around the World

We're Headed Back

The USA - (May 3, 2020)  The past six weeks have been very difficult for everyone.  Our condolences for those that have lost a family member, friend, or neighbor.  Hats off to the health providers and first responders.  This has been their battlefield and we appreciate them so much.  There have been financial devastations and some will not recover.  Now is the time to share and help as much as we can.  Hang in There!

New Interim Management Brochure Published

The USA - (April 22, 2020)  The new lineup of interim managers for Club Advisors is included in the Interim Management Brochure recently published.  

Hang in There!

The USA - (March 31, 2020)  Our hearts go out to the clubs around the world that are suffering from this pandemic.  The Boards, Owners, and Management have as their first priority to do everything possible to protect the health and welfare of their staff, members and communities.  They are unselfishly protecting their club to ensure when this is over, it will rebound and be a stronger and better club for the members.  We applaud you for your wisdom and strength, and Club Advisors will be there to assist you when needed.  Hang in There!

What a Wonderful Week at the CMAA 2020 World Conference in Grapevine, Texas

Grapevine, Texas - (February 12, 2020) We had a ball ((Cynthia Geisler, Membership Advisor; Gordon Digby, CCM, PGA, GM Advisor; and former Advisors, Doug Holtz (Hiwan GC), CCM, CCE and Don Ciota (Wichita Falls CC)).  We talked with so many industry experts in every field of private club management and enjoyed so much the interchanges on what is going on in the industry.  It was thrilling to reunite with so many professionals and friends we have had in the industry over the years.  That is what makes our private club industry so special.

See You Next Year in Tampa, March 12-13, 2021

Chef Bill Ballard Fills in at Fairlawn CC; MD Cynthia Geisler Heads to Columbine CC.

Akron, Ohio - (January 6, 2020)  On November 13, 2019, Chef Bill Ballard (after a few days break after the Turlock CC assignment) headed to Fairlawn Country Club to assist while their Executive Chef was undergoing medical procedures.  Of course, this was a very busy time for Chef Bill and his culinary team during the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years' Eve activities at the Club.


Cynthia Geisler, Club Advisors Membership Advisor, completed her assignment at Greeley Country Club and is headed to Columbine Country Club in Littleton, Colorado, January 14, 2020, to assist in their membership growth.  The new Tri-Fold for Membership Advisor Services is at the printer.

Club Advisors Membership Advisor Tri-Fold
Tri-Fold describing the value and services of the Club Advisors Membership Advisor and the assistance program.
CA Interim Membership Director - brochur[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [13.3 MB]

GM Garth Walker Selected for the  Interim General Manager Assignment at The Standard Club in Chicago

Chicago, Illinois - (December 4, 2019) Club Advisors is proud to announce that Garth Walker has been selected for the interim general manager assignment at The Standard Club. The Standard Club is a place where distinguished business people, professionals, community leaders and their families throughout the Chicago area gather to experience the best the city has to offer.  The Standard Club is a Five-Star Private Club by Platinum Clubs of America.

Chef Bill's Onion Recipe Published in Club + Resort Chef Magazine

Bend, Oregon - (October 30, 2019) Club Advisors is proud to acknowledge that Chef Bill Ballard, CEC, AAC, recently was selected to publish his Stuffed Sween Onion Recipe in their magazine - Click on the following link to view and download this wonderful recipe.  Stuffed Sweet Onion with Soubise - Enjoy! 

Assignments Update

The USA - (October 16, 2019) Chef Joel continues to achieve at Lookout Mountain Club (GA), with combined operations of Golf Club and Fairyland Clubhouse - successful weddings of 360 and reducing food costs by 19% in the month of September. Membership Director, Cynthia Geisler, continues her assignment at Greeley CC (CO).  Mike Biscotti continues as GM at Taberna CC (NC); John Erickson continues as GM, Quechee Club (VT).  Don Ciota continues his GM assignment at Wichita Falls CC (TX). Chef Gudmundsson completed his interim executive chef assignment at Wichita Falls CC and is on break at home in Las Vegas. Chef Travis is assisting the culinary program at Elmwood CC (IA); Chef Dary is at Sand Valley Golf Resort (WI); Chef Bill is overhauling the kitchen operations at Turlock G&CC (CA). 

Now There are Five

Littleton, Colorado (September 25, 2019) Club Advisors is pleased to announce that Chef Travis Smith, CEC, AAC, CES, has joined the Interim Executive Chef Team of the Company. Chef Travis’ background can be found on our Website under Interim Executive Chefs.  Chef Travis has accepted his first assignment with the company at Elmwood Country Club in Marshalltown, Iowa.

Missions Complete

Lexington, Kentucky (August 18, 2019) After five weeks of assistance at Lexington Country Club, Chef Bill Ballard took a few days off and played tourist with his sister and family in Nashville before heading back to Bend Oregon.  In addition, Chef Joel Corwin and GM Skip Thompson completed several months of assistance to Mt. Hawley Country Club in Peoria, IL, and headed home to Chicago and Prescott, AZ, for a breather before taking on their next assignments.

Chef Pall Heads to Wichita Falls, TX

Wichita Falls, Texas (July 31, 2019) After a four-month break from Executive Chef duties, Chef Pall Gudmundsson, Certified Master Chef, heads to Wichita Falls Country Club to assist the Culinary Team there.

Seven (7) Club Advisors in The Field

Las Vegas, Nevada (July 31, 2019) Club Advisors sets another milestone by having seven Club Advisors in the field at the same time.  Chef Pall Gudmundsson, CMC, arrived at Wichita Falls Country Club today to seal this milestone.  Other assignments for interim general managers and interim executive chefs include Lexington CC (KY), Wichita Falls CC (TX), Quechee Club (VT), Mr. Hawley CC (IL) and Taberna CC (NC).

The Quechee Club, Quechee, Vermont

Quechee, Vermont (July 10, 2019) From Portland, Oregon, to Quechee, Vermont, Interim General Manager John Erickson was met by the Board President and they "Threw Him The Keys."  Quechee Lakes, with two 18-hole championship golf courses, great dining offerings, and a marvelous community, is renowned for the award-winning, four-season Quechee Club.

Independence Day at Wichita Falls Country Club for Don Ciota.

Wichita Falls, Texas (July 4, 2019) Don Ciota "hit the ground running" deep in the heart of Texas on Independence Day when he accepted the Interim General Manager assignment for Club Advisors at Wichita Falls Country Club.  After only a few days he reports what a wonderful club WFCC is and the members and staff have been so welcoming.

Skip Thompson Joins Interim Executive Chef Joel Corwin at Mt. Hawley CC as Interim General Manager.

Peoria, Illinois (June 26, 2019) Chef Corwin has been on assignment as Interim Executive Chef at Mr. Hawley CC since May 9, 2019.  Stephen Hartman, GM for many years accepted a position in St. Louis and asked Club Advisors to provide an Interim General Manager during the transition to a new GM.  Skip packed up his car and was there to assist in a matter of days.

Mike Biscotti Joins the Management Team at Taberna Country Club, New Bern, NC, as Interim General Manager

New Bern, North Carolina (June 13, 2019) Mike and his family live a couple of hours from New Bern, NC, so when the opportunity came up for an assignment so close to home, he jumped at it. The community, with approximately 800 homes, encompasses 1,100-acres, with a park, a nature trail, a canoe livery and a fishing lake for the residents.

Chef Ballard Conducts Ice Carving Presentation at University of Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee (May 16, 2019) At the invitation of Tennessee American Culinary Federation (ACF) and the University of Tennessee Culinary Program at UT, Chef Bill Ballard enjoyed teaching the students about ice carving, the skills, the tools, the creation of ice sculpting.  He returned to Greeley CC May 21st to continue his interim executive chef assignment.

Chef Joel Corwin Back on an Assignment at Mt. Hawley CC in Peoria, Illinois

Peoria, Illinois (May 9, 2019) After spending only a few weeks at home in Chicago following his assignment at The Fountaingrove Club in Santa Rosa, California, Chef Corwin went downstate to Peoria for an interim executive chef assignment at Mt. Hawley Country Club.

Greeley Country Club Here We Come

Greeley, Colorado (April 30, 2019) On the road, again. Chef Bill Ballard left Bend, Oregon, this morning at 4 am en route to Greeley, CO. Just heard from him going through Twin Falls, Idaho - eastbound. Bill will arrive at Greeley Country Club tomorrow for a meeting with management as an Interim Executive Chef - here comes Mothers Day.

Doug Holtz, CCM, CCE, FMP, Heads to Evergreen CO, Hiwan Golf Club

Glendale, Arizona (March 27, 2019) Doug has packed up his new Chevy and is headed to Evergreen, Colorado, Hiwan Golf Club, as their new General Manager.  Hiwan GC is a very respected membership club at an elevation of 7,665, located 30 miles southwest of Denver.  Doug has completed several interim assignments with Club Advisors and he will be missed.

Club Advisors 2019 Company Booklet and Lineup of Interims Published

Las Vegas, Nevada (February 21, 2019) The Club Advisors 2019 Company Booklet is complete and has been sent out to previous and potential clients.  The booklet outlines our guarantees and deliverables to Boards, Owners, and Management of Private Clubs around the World.  Club Advisors is the leading Private Club Interim Management Company in the USA.  Managers include General Managers, Clubhouse Managers, Executive Chefs, Golf Course Superintendents, Elite Tennis Professional.  Coming Soon, an Interim Controller in April.  Copies of the Booklet are available online or published copies can be obtained by emailing

Club Advisors Executive Chef Brochure (3-Panel Completed)

Las Vegas, Nevada (February 9, 2019) The Club Advisor Executive Chefs, with the assistance of Tiffany Porter (Design With Tiffany), completed the company 3-Panel brochure on the chef services provided by the company.  The brochure includes a description of the value-added benefits of engaging the services of Club Advisors Executive Chefs, along with fees and services.  Also included in the brochure are short biographies on each chef and examples of their works.  The brochure is posted online and can be downloaded and printed for the convenience of the club and staff.  Chef Corwin continues his assignment at The Fountaingrove Club in Santa Rosa, California and Chef Ballard is assisting the Forest Lawn Club in Columbia, South Carolina.

Club Advisors Returns to Private Club Radio Over the Holidays

Tampa, Florida (December 24, 2018) Our Manager, Terry Clark, happened to be in Tampa, Florida, home of Gabe Aluisy, Founder of the Private Club Agency, and host of Private Club Radio, during the holidays and appeared once again on the show.  Despite the busy holiday season, scheduling challenges, the flu and a chill in Tampa, the show must go on and it did on Christmas Eve.  This links to the broadcast - Enjoy.

Chef Corwin Leaves the Chicago Blizzards for Sonoma Valley Area.

Fountaingrove, California (December 6, 2018) Chef Corwin will be assisting the team at The Fountaingrove Club for the next couple of months.  As many of you know, The Fountaingrove Club clubhouse burned to the ground during the Tubbs Fire of 2017, yet they went to plan "B" and are continuing to serve the members with food and beverage.

Mount Vernon Canyon Club Salutes Veterans.

Golden, CO (November 11, 2018) The team at  Mount Vernon Canyon Club in Golden, Colorado, paid tribute to veterans from WWII to the present day Sunday by honoring them with a complimentary brunch at the Club. Despite the snow and bad road conditions, over 160 members and guests turned out for Sunday brunch where over 30 veterans were treated with the complimentary brunch.  Live music included the singing of the National Anthem and other patriotic tunes to the delight of the staff, members, and guests.  Skip Thompson, Club Advisors' Interim General Manager, is on assignment at the Club.

Skip Thompson, CCM, Takes On New Assignment at Mount Vernon Canyon Club in Golden, Colorado.

Golden, CO (October 24, 2018) Skip Thompson, CCM, is all packed up and heading to Mount Vernon Canyon Club in Golden, Colorado, for an Interim GM Assignment. This is a classic story of a pro-active Board improving on the GM position by engaging an Interim GM. Skip, while serving as General Manager, will have a statement of work to complete for the members and Board until the new GM is selected and arrives.

Chef Beat Meier, CEC, Assisting Balboa Yacht Club in Orange Country, California

Coronado Del Mar, CA (October 23, 2018) Executive Chef Beat Meier, CEC, is en route to Balboa Yacht Club in Newport
Beach, CA, for an interim assignment as Executive Chef
Beat has successful interim assignments at Eau Gallie Yacht Club, Cat Cay Yacht Club, and he served five years at Colonial Country Club as Executive Chef.

Chef Joel Corwin Assisting Shaneateles Country Club in Central New York

Shaneateles, NY (August 28, 2018) - On July 5, 2018, Chef Joel Corwin packed up his car and headed from Chicago to Shaneateles, New York, to assist Shaneateles Country Club in the height of the season with events, banquets, and weddings.  He jumped right in to take the load off the staff operating at full speed. Today, he is stopping by The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown before heading home to the Cubs game.

Skip Thompson, Interim GM, Assists in Recruiting New General Manager

Bartlesville, OK (April 29, 2018)  Club Advisors' Interim General Manager, Skip Thompson, arrives at Hillcrest Country Club as Interim General Manager assisting the Board with a list of projects and goals during his tenure.  He will also assist the Club in recruiting a new General Manager.

Club Advisors Manager, Terry Clark, Interviewed on Private Club Radio

Tampa, FL (April 19, 2018) -  Last week, Terry Clark, Manager, Club Advisors was invited to appear on the Private Club Radio Show out of Tampa.  He was thrilled to get to know Gabe Aluisy, learn more about his company (The Private Club Agency), Private Club Radio, and most of all his recently released book on membership sales and marketing called, The Definitive Guide To Membership Marketing, forwarded by Rick Coyne and Gregg Patterson.  The book is available on Amazon. In Terry's opinion, this book is the best guide he has seen for teeing it up for success in membership sales, service and retention.  "This book should be in every private club, Terry said and should be the reference manual for the membership committees, membership directors, and general managers.  The interview with Gabe is at this link, Private Club Radio.

Chef William "Bill" Ballard Assisting El Niguel CC in Orange County

El Niguel, CA (April 13, 2018) - Chef William "Bill" Ballard, CEC, AAC, Bend, Oregon, joined the Club Advisors Team earlier this month and has been assigned as Interim Executive Chef at El Niguel CC in beautiful Southern California. He has been there two weeks and is having a blast.

Doug Holtz, CCE, Wraps Up Interim GM Assignment at The Sangamo Club

Springfield, IL (January 5, 2018) - Shortly after the New Year, Doug went on assignment at the request of the Board of the Sangamo Club in Springfield, Illinois.  After lunch with the Executive Committee, he was handed the keys with direction to operatate the Club and assist GSI in recruiting a new general manager.  He listed a number of project accomplishements during his tenure of three months.

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